When you have a passion and a dream as difficult to achieve as making movies, you have to pride yourself on being a little crazy. Eddie Augustin is well aware of this. Ever since is youth, he's been passionate about everything that is art.


His first love was probably Martial Arts. He started by practicing Karate and moved on to TaeKwonDo and finally Kung Fu. He also developed a passion for reading which led to writing. His favorite authors ranged from Stephen King to Anne Rice but he enjoyed picking up whatever book he found laying around. 


After picking up on photography and drawing, he came to the realization that one way he could fuse all of these talents together was to make films. 


He had also spend years writing and composing music, which resulted in him treating his storie's structure like songs.  

Not attending film school, Eddie says that he received most of his film education working at blockbuster and other video stores in his area, watching whatever film fell in his palms after each shifts. It is not impossible that the idea of jumping over to films actually emerged from his time in video stores. 


Eddie also writes most of his material and directs himself everything he writes. Notably, he won Best Director in a Short Film and was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2015 New York City International Film Festival.


Join the journey and follow Eddie's pursuit of "the impossible dream."  You can't fail... You can only stop trying and Eddie Augustin never stops!

“Even if the world ended tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.”


– Martin Luther King