Teresa Ting - Hope of The Wushu Action Film Genre

This article is written in a very biased state of mind since name, residing on top of it, happens to be the name of one of my best friends and also the star of my upcoming short movie, yet I truly believe in each and every words I intend on writing. Before reading, I would like to direct your attention to the linked YouTube videos just above. I think after watching, you might no longer need to read this article at all, but bare with me on why I think this girl has the potential to truly leave a lasting mark in the entertainment industry. Teresa Ting is a rising New York City actress. She has been in the industry for a few years and has kept climbing her way up the latter of success. After starring in my latest short film, which will be coming out somewhere summer 2016, she stayed active with many other roles in short films, commercials and more. She starred in, Crimson & Slate: Love and Let Die, which was fortunate to be blessed with a great premiere at the Montreal Fantasia Film festival. She then followed up with a role in a Nintendo commercial campaign. Incredibly enough you might also know her as, Young Chang in the Orange Is The New Black television series. You can watch her in the season 3 episode 6 as the younger version of the looney "Ching Chang Chong" character. Her latest accomplishment is a lead role in an upcoming independent feature film called, She Has A Name, that is currently shooting across continents. I strongly believe that Teresa has what it takes to echo both in the action and dramatic genre, but most notably, I think she is one of the best hopes for the martial arts lead action film genre. I would go further in stating that I would place her as one of the most prominent upcoming martial arts actor (counting both males and females). Martial arts films being one of my favorite genre and probably being the genre I got into film making for in the first place, I am quite sad to see it drastically plummet in recent years. We used to have exciting actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Zhang ZiYi, Michelle Yeoh and many more, but as these talented and highly gifted performers get older, it feels like the genre his having a hard time replacing these artists.

The thing is that to become a martial arts legend such as the names above, you need much more than just martial arts chops. You need clear acting abilities, an overwhelming amount of charisma and of course, a willingness to kick ass... Teresa possess all these elements in abundance and these elements can of course be witnessed by anyone that watches even her non action material. Who knows what will be the role that propels her career in deep space but that role will come, it's just a matter of time. Might be on the upcoming Protect Ur Neck Vol.3 short film (directed by yours truly) it might be from "She Has Name" or it might be more episodes of "Orange Is The New Black" but it will happen. History might be in the making so let's sit first row and bare witness to what I hope will be a Renaissance for the Martial Arts Genre.

Teresa Ting Contact Information:

Teresa Ting Official Website: http://teresainaction.com/ MANAGER Kate Kennedy Merging Artists (310) 993.2314

mergingartists@gmail.com AGENT Mickey Shera Innovative Artists (212) 659.5131

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